Before purchasing your next kitchen…


Cucina Colore

Firstly the choice and different materials that are available for kitchens is now vast which can be confusing. However, by being guided through this journey this choice allows you to personalise your kitchen to exactly what suites you, your lifestyle and budget. It also allows us when we design your kitchen to be more adventurous, mixing and contrasting designs for a truly exciting look.

Statement kitchen appliances

Create line and drama with statement appliances that are meant to be seen.  Ovens and microwaves are contemporary and stylish, with simple designs in stainless steel and black. Steam and none steam ovens along with coffee-makers, washing machines and fridge freezers are not only designed to be on show, but to stand out and make a statement!

Neff AppliancesNeff Appliances


Now typically narrower in design you can choose between natural or none natural materials which can emulate different substances such as concrete or marble.

When choosing a worktop ask about different brands. Formica is the most readily recognised laminate worktop brand and Corian is the most widely known solid surfacing material. This can be thermo formed to create a no joins, seamless finish. Other brands include Orama and  Mistral etc.

Before purchasing your next kitchen…

Comprising of natural quartz, Ceasarstone is a range of engineered stone, it’s non-porous, consistent in colour and highly resistant to heat and chipping. Getacore is a reinforced solid surface material, which offers seamless joints and sinks, it is non reactive to moisture and requires no fabricated edges. Bear in mind that fitting a worktop is a skilled job. Most worktops need to be professionally fitted which will add to the overall cost.

Some materials are easier to clean and maintain than others. Spills such as bleach or fruit juice need to be removed immediately from laminates and timber, but stains or burns on solid surfacing materials can be gently scrubbed away