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From Neffs unique Slide and Hide disappearing oven doors to their revolutionary steam ovens, a Neff oven is equipped for even the trickiest dishes. Their smaller, compact range  provides all of the innovative features and tasty results you would expect with a NEFF single oven but can help on space saving.

Neff AppliancesNeff Appliances

Compact Ovens with Microwave

Designed to offer the ultimate flexibility, a compact oven with microwave functionality combines the benefits of convential oven cooking and microwave cooking. This combination of traditional oven-led cooking supported by a low-medium power microwave lets you speed up the cooking process while still delivering the flavours and results you would expect from a NEFF oven.

Neff AppliancesNeff Appliances


Whether it is gas, ceramic or induction hobs that you wish to cook with or whether you are steaming delicious greens or frying an egg for your breakfast, the results are superb.

Neff AppliancesNeff Appliances


Efficient, quiet and equipped with built-in lighting, the design and placement of your hood can be as flexible as your living space.  Touch control technology displays are LED offering maximum convenience and excellent legibility.

Neff Appliances


We offer a range of Neff fridges and freezers so there is something for everyone. We take time to consider what is right for your kitchen design and you! Whether it is an American -style fridge freezer or a built in fridge freezer.

Neff Appliances


All cookaholics need a dishwasher to clean up afterwards. Neff dishwashers are designed for creative cooks! That means that even the most bubbled-over oven dishes, caramelised grill pans will still come out beautifully clean.

Neff Appliances


No meal is complete without an after-dinner coffee. Designed with true coffee connoisseurs in mind, Neff’s coffee genres are the ultimate addition to any kitchen.

Neff Appliances

Integrated Laundry

Discreet and unobtrusive Neff’s built in washing machines and washer dryers main hidden behind cabinet doors in the kitchen, maintaining a clean and co-ordinated look.

Neff Appliances

Please call into our Wimborne showroom where you can view and get more information about our full range of appliances or make an appointment with our owner Gary Rice to discuss your requirements in more detail:


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